Off the Beaten Tourist Track

My wife and I have lived the expatriate lifestyle for over 20 years. During that time we have visited some of the most beautiful locations in the world, from the spectacular beaches in Sri Lanka to the lesser known but amazingly impressive Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra. We seek out unique locations that are not only scenic and somewhat off the beaten tourist track, but resorts that will provide us with comfortable amenities.

The island of Siquijor is a mecca for sun worshipers, shade seekers, the sedentary and energetic alike. During the course of our stay at the Coral Cay Resort my wife and I began each day with a fresh mango shake, banana pancakes, or a veggie filled omelet. After lounging poolside with a good book, mountain biking in the hills just across the street, or paddling around in one of the resort's bunkas (sleek island canoes), we would find our way back to the open-air dining room for a tasty lunch. The menu at Coral Cay is extensive and authentic (both Filipino & American fare are excellent) and the staff offers that Siquijor hospitality that has drawn us back twice in two years. From the driver who greets you at the ferry to the owners, Dave and Helen, everyone genuinely wants you to enjoy your stay at Coral Cay.

As much as we enjoy greeting the sun each morning with a fresh fruit shake we do look forward to watching a shimmering sunset at the "World's Best Bar" and catching up on the day's events with Dave and the gang. You can sip a local rum drink or a cold San Miguel beer, and order a delicious meal of grilled fresh fish as you await the spectrum of colors to highlight nearby Apo Island. You might even plan an outing to Apo Island, if you can route yourself from Coral Cay, or the idyllic waterfall outside pictiuresque little town of San Juan. We found it much too comfortable (and supplied with a small library) to venture far from our beachside bungalow for the first few days.

We felt we had "discovered" one of the best-kept secrets for travelers seeking something a little different when we chose to explore the island of Siquijor for the first time in December 2001. Without a doubt the Coral Cay Resort is number one on our Top Ten Favorite Places to Stay list. We suggest you put it on your list of Places to Visit.

Bruce and Sherry Jacoby