Where should I go next in the beautiful islands of the Philippines? That was my 'dilemma' after starting out in Manilla and traveling south to Mindoro and Cebu.

I had never heard of Siquijor Island...and the Philippinos reacted with such animated stories about this place deep in the heart of the Visaya. It is a place with long held magic and dark secrets. Despite these stories, or BECAUSE of them, I had to see what it was all about.

After landing at the shores of this paradise, I picked the recommended Coral Cay Resort from the Lonely Planet guidebook as my home for a few days. What a brillant move. I had found the perfect rustic beach bungalows. And all the toys and home style ammeneties thrown in to help make a visit here so relaxing that you not only don't want to leave, you CAN'T leave!

David and Helen run things superbly and the warmth and smiles of the staff shows that they're having as much fun as their guests. Hanging out at the unique pool built into the coconut palms was a daily must. The catamaran sailing with David was especially adventurous!

A wonderful blend of mountainous middle and beautiful beaches, the island begs to be explored on foot, bike and motorcycle. The idyllic setting has created an exceptional laid-back lifestyle that is infectious.

Somehow my 'few days' at Coral Cay became a few weeks!

Rob Bailey
Austin, Texas
Round the World Oct '02-Sept '03